Speed camera snaps rider falling off motorbike

A motorbike rider in Switzerland has found a novel way to trip a speed camera: careening down the highway on all fours at 107km/h alongside his speeding (and sparking) motorcycle.
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Boris Maier, 38, from Bern was caught riding (more accurately ‘sliding’) at 27km/h over the limit in an 80km/h zone, as this speed camera image shows.

Swiss police believe Maier was travelling even faster before noticing the speed camera and jamming on the rear brake. The sudden slow-down forced Maier off balance, losing control of his bike and eventually ending up on the tarmac.

Despite no doubt giving him a shock, a few nasty bruises, a red face, and earning him a significant speeding fine, the situation could have been worse for Maier.

If he was caught travelling just 3km/h faster, his licence would have been suspended automatically.

So Maier and his licence live to ride another day, although his bike was probably not so lucky.