Vygor Opera new Italian luxury car unveiled

A new Italian sports car maker is in town, and has revealed images and some details of its first car; the Vygor Opera. Obviously, design and aesthetic quality is not the company's forte.
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The Vygor Opera is a luxury sports SUV-type vehicle that will, according to plans, go into small production. Although these first concept images may not represent the exact production model, it is - there's no other word for it - ugly.

From the front it looks like a confused, yet smiling monster of some kind featuring little spotlights embedded into the corners of the front bumper bar. The central grille is structured with two 'tusks' which curve around to mould corner air intakes.

At the back, things aren't any better. There's a set of rather futuristic clear taillights placed above a huge swept-up rear bumper bar design. The rear also showcases a quad-outlet exhaust layout mounted inside a black diffuser section.

Under the bonnet, Vygor hasn't decided what the unappealing sports coupe will be powered by, only saying that the unit will produce around 221kW to 294kW of power. It's unknown if the engine will drive an all-wheel drive system.

Other details that have been released include a tubular steel chassis and composite body helping the Opera tip the scales at around 1500kg, as well as optional 18- to 22-inch alloy wheels.

Vygor is planning to sell 150 examples of the Opera, but we're not sure the company will even get 150 orders. What do you think?

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