Lotus has revealed the first details of the Lotus Evora GTE Road Car Concept ahead of its debut in California later this week.
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The Evora GTE Road Car Concept is inspired by the Lotus race car of the same name, which has been designed to take on the new global motorsport GTE category including racing in the Le Mans 24-Hour.

Lotus is yet to reveal the full details of the Road Car Concept’s powertrain, although from the snippets of information we have, it sounds like it will have plenty of poke.

Lotus says the Evora GTE Concept features a “race-developed engine” with more than 313kW of power. It is not yet known whether this will be a highly tuned version of the 3.5-litre supercharged engine from the Evora S (257kW/400Nm) or a detuned version of the 4.0-litre Toyota Cosworth V6 from the actual GTE race car.

The engine will be teamed with a sequential automated manual transmission, promising even sharper performance than the 4.8-second 0-100km/h sprint and 277km/h top speed of the Evora S.

The race-inspired two-tone paint scheme adds to the visual appeal, while ultra-lightweight forged alloy wheels and Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tyres further enhance the Concept’s sports credentials.

Following its official unveiling at McCall’s Motorworks Revival on August 17, the Lotus Evora GTE Road Car Concept will head to the Concours event at Pebble Beach for the remainder of the weekend.