2013 Range Rover spy shots

Range Rover has been spotted testing the upcoming Range Rover Vogue in hot weather in southern Europe. The new Range Rover is built on a new platform which will eventually be shared with the next-generation Range Rover Sport and Land Rover products.
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Rumour has it the next-generation model will be built on a new platform based on the underpinnings of the Jaguar XJ. Various revisions are thought to have been made to it though to ensure great off-road capabilities are achieved. The new platform will comprise plenty of aluminium, which is said to help bring the overall weight of the large SUV down compared with the current model.

From the front, the details of this prototype are largely concealed, with a large bonnet cover capping off any contours and shapes and a similar front end cap concealing how rounded, or slab-like, the new face will look.

Earlier reports suggested the new Range Rover would take on a similar design language to the new Range Rover Evoque. Upon first inspection of these images, there doesn't appear to be any standout resemblance. It's not until you take a look at the rear where possible links can be found.

This test prototype does feature plenty of camouflaging and covering, but from the back it appears the new Range Rover will showcase a more sloped rear windscreen, rather than the current, almost vertical, rear pillars on offer today.

The new Range Rover is expected to come with a range of petrol and diesel engine options similar to the current line-up, albeit slightly revised. A new hybrid system is also on the cards.

Reports say the 2013 Range Rover will be unveiled sometime towards the end of next year. It's then likely to go on sale in international markets in 2013.

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