A $250,000-300,000 Rolls Royce? According to rumours from within, the next Rolls Royce - the RR4 sedan - set to be released late next year could be the most affordable Rolls Royce ever built, targeting a segment the luxury marque has never ventured into.
Rolls Royce RR4 Sedan
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A second assembly line, along with new wood, leather and paint shops are currently being configured at the Goodwood plant. The new model is set to double Rolls Royce's yearly production to 800 units per year once the RR4 sedan is released.

Rolls Royce RR4 sedan

The RR4 sedan is expected to be smaller than the current Phantom and will feature a new engine. Some sources suggest the RR4 sedan will share many components with the new BMW 7-series, but the engine, along with the platform will be unique to the new Rolls Royce.