It seems that the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority is as confused as any of us over what speed we should be doing along many of the states major roads.
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It also appears that NSW State Liberal Government has been listening to driver’s complaints about the impossible number of speed signs and speed zones on NSW roads that make it difficult to work out just how fast you should be driving at any one time.

The RTA has launched a new website that asks the drivers of NSW to let them know what they think of the current speed sign fiasco in this state.

Here’s a screenshot of the blurb on the site:

Welcome to the RTA’s Safer Roads NSW websiteOn this site you can find out how speed limits are set and reviewed. You can also have your say about speed limits and speed limit signs in NSW. The information you provide, together with road safety and crash data, will help the RTA prioritise speed zones and speed limit signs for review. This is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to carry out an audit of speed zones. The top 100 roads identified through this website will be reviewed by the RTA's NSW Centre for Road Safety by 31 March 2012.

The RTA is supposed to be about traffic management among it’s many other key responsibilities, but they seem heavily preoccupied on the job of serious revenue raising instead of ensuring the smoothest possible traffic flow. How many times when heading away on the annual family holiday do you ask yourself, “OK, so what’s the speed limit here?

Then there’s the classic signage overload situation, where between Sydney and Brisbane on the so-called Pacific Highway there are well over 178 (we gave up this count at this point with another 200 kilometres to go) speed sign changes – and that’s a freeway, for God’s sake.

Let’s not get into the discussion on the correct speed for a particular stretch of road, but that’s a subject whereby drivers can have their say in what appears to be a genuine attempt by the NSW government to improve NSW roads and traffic.

Good Luck.