Mercedes-Benz is apparently thinking of bringing out a new Mercedes-Benz MLC-Class sports SUV to rival the BMW X6.
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According to a report by Auto Bild in Germany, Mercedes-Benz has seen this segment of vehicle is a popular choice for buyers, with successful sales being reported of the BMW X6 and high sales expected of the new Range Rover Evoque.

As far as we know, the Mercedes-Benz MLC will be based on the M-Class four-wheel drive, although the style is said to take on more of an elegant coupe-like form, showcasing design trends seen on the new CLS.

If the MLC-Class does eventually hit the showrooms - predicted to take place some time in 2013/2014 - it is likely to be powered by the same petrol and diesel engine options available on the M-Class. Trim levels would also be shared, as well as a possible AMG version later down the track.

But what do you think, is there a place for Mercedes-Benz in this segment? Would you buy one?