CarAdvice top tip: If you’re going to steal a car from a car yard, don’t leave your driver’s licence details with the dealer.
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That’s exactly what a 26-year-old Sydney man did on Tuesday afternoon while test driving a 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer, according to an AAP report.

The man went to a Warwick Farm car yard in southwest Sydney and enquired about the Lancer.

After having his driver’s licence photocopied, the man jumped in the passenger seat for a quick spin with a salesman.

After a short drive, the salesman got out of the car to give the man a go behind the wheel. While outside the car, the man locked the doors, slid into the driver’s seat, and – after a scuffle with the salesman through a partially open window – drove away.

When police were called they went to the Hurlstone Park address on the man’s licence and reportedly found the Lancer in his driveway.

The man was arrested and charged with assault and intent to take and drive a vehicle. He will appear in court on July 28.