Nissan Leaf 145km/h reversing record put on hold

Officials at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK have banned Nissan from attempting to break the record for the fastest hill climb in reverse.
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The events organisers had concerns over the safety of the stunt, which was to be completed in a Nissan Leaf electric car.

The Leaf’s unconventional electric drive system – which utilises a single-speed direct drive transmission – means that with a few minor modifications, it is capable of reaching 145km/h (almost top speed) in reverse.

But the Goodwood officials said the limited amount of testing prior to the event made the backwards dash too dangerous.

A Nissan spokesman told MSN Cars in the UK that Nissan was still determined to break the reversing record, and may prepare to attempt the record at Goodwood in 2012.

“We still want to break records with the LEAF,” he said.“The fact it can travel at speeds up to 90mph backwards is too good an opportunity not to exploit.“The car does have to be modified for this to be possible though, so there are safety issues we need to overcome first.”

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