Reality TV gets a bit too realistic sometimes. Allerslechtste chauffeur van Nederland?, which roughly translates to 'who is the Netherlands' worst driver?' is one of these. One of the contestants recently smashed the test car and ran over the host. It seems the show now has its answer.
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During a fairly straight-forward test, the contestant had to accelerate up to speed, apply the brake and swerve to miss a giant obstacle. The contestant did miss the obstacle but he also failed to brake, instead, opting for the accelerator pedal. The car then ploughed into the camera crew set up behind the obstacle, hitting two people, including the host, and one parked car.

The two men that were hit remarkably escaped serious injury, while the driver seemed to walk free. Two other girls were also in the car at the time and both seemed to be okay. All of this was captured on the film displayed below. It is in Dutch but your get the gist of the accident, and a fairly graphic representation of how violent accidents can be.

The Volvo S40's driver airbag went off, catching the driver's face, while the woman in the back seems to have suffered a nasty bump on her head. Our question is, why were the camera crew set up directly in front of the runway facing the accelerating car to being with? Take a look below and tell us what you think.

Warning: The video below contains graphic scenes of a real car crash.