V10-powered Audi R8 leaked

Definitive proof has emerged of a new V10 flagship for the Audi R8, with several high quality photos and even a video appearing on the web.
V10 Audi R8 undeniably confirmed
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Apparently as part of its testing and evaluation, Audi has lent out a few of its V10-powered Audi R8 supercars to a select few current Audi R8 owners in Florida for their opinion on the new model.

V10 Audi R8 undeniably confirmedV10 Audi R8 undeniably confirmed

While the engine is based on the V10 from the RS6, final power figures are still anyones guess - especially since there has been no word on whether the V10 R8 (possibly RS8) will retain the twin-turbocharged setup as used in the RS6.

The new V10 will mark the third addition to the Audi R8 range, coupled with the standard V8 model and V12 TDI model.

Source: GermanCarScene