Toyota Celica beats F1 cars at Goodwood

The 800bhp (597kW) Toyota Celica driven by former British Rally Champion, Johnny Milner needed just 48.07 seconds to claim the title of the fastest car at Goodwood 2011.
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The car is a super-lightweight Celica GT4 (1050kg) with a 2.0 Corolla WRC four-cylinder engine fitted with a Rotrex supercharger and Garrett GT35/42 turbocharger. There’s also a nitrous oxide injection system to reduce the turbo lag off the line.

It’s actually a sixth generation Celica, but the driver’s seat has been shifted further back (12 inches) for better weight distribution. Raising the wheel arches and suspension mounts has also lowered the car’s centre of gravity for more precise handling.

All in all this is a purpose built weapons grade hill climb machine that is capable of quicker times that recent F1 cars and anything else that wants to challenge for the fastest car at Goodwood title.

Engine type Corolla WRC four-cylinder, 16-valve
Displacement (cc) 1,998
Turbocharger Garrett GT35/42
Supercharger Rotrex, belt-driven
Engine management Motec
Compression ratio 9.7:1
Max. power (DIN hp @ rpm)700 @ 5,700 at 2bar boost
>800 with nitrous oxide boost
Fuel tank capacity (l)15
Weight (kg) 1,050
Transmission Mactrack 5-speed manual with Fensport triple-plate clutch
Suspension (front & rear) Reiger Corolla WRC 3-way adjustable dampers,
Brakes Front 343mm and rear 295mm Corolla WRC ventilated discs with Alcon callipers
Wheels 18in