Peugeot 508 Outdoor spy shots

Peugeot are definitely ramping things up with the unveiling of the Peugeot 508 sedan and station wagon last Friday, at the opening of the Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne, as well as the 308-model facelift on display.
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The 508 has already attracted a string of favourable reviews from our colleagues in Europe and with a starting price of just $39, 990 here in Australia, it should get a similar reaction when officially launched to the press next week.

Also of interest are a series of spy shots sent to us today, from deep in Northern Sweden of what is believed to be a full production model of the 508 Outdoor.

Despite the vinyl disguise, you can clearly see that the car rides several centimetres higher than a standard 508 SW and there is no doubt that underneath there lies a stack of add ons that will make the ‘Outdoor’ stand out from the standard wagon.

Expect to see pronounced front and rear bumpers similar to that on Audi’s Allroad model. Similar to Audi again, it is likely that the front and rear guards will also carry some additional plastic that will allow a wider track to fit and comply.

If that alone doesn’t get your attention then the possibility of a diesel hybrid version called Hybrid4, surely will. This first generation of the Hybrid4 produces 122 kW from a 2.0 litre HDi FAP engine and is mated to a 28 kW electric motor. The combined power output is 149 kW and has a sole electric mode with four-wheel drive on demand.

According to Scott Williams at Peugeot Australia, the 508 Outdoor is currently under consideration for this market.

That said we should see the arrival of the Hybrid4 powertrain in the 2012 version of the 3008 according to Mr Williams.

For those not yet ready to pay to be green (and there are plenty about) there will also be a petrol and diesel powertrain available.

What is your opinion of the Peugeot’s new 508 (wagon and Touring – do you have a preference?) and would you like to see an Outdoor version with a Hybrid4 (diesel hybrid) powertrain for Australia?