QLD Police get 10 FPV Typhoons

You know being a police officer has many responsibilities, I won't go into them, because honestly, I wouldn't be able to do it justice, but there are a few perks, one of which is that you get to drive around in a tax payer funded car, now for most police, these are generally pretty boring Commodores or Falcons, but for the QLD highway patrol unit, the QLD government has bought them 10 special christmas presents. 10 Ford FPV Typhoons.
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Would you look at that? Even that picture scares me to death! If you wanna read more about the Typhoon and see why you should be scared this holiday season, click here. But the big question is, why waste all that money? Well according to QLD premier peter beatie its to reduce the road toll as the latest stats show that in QLD this year one person has been killed on the road every 26 hours. Which is worse than last year and the year before.

But that doesn't still answer my question? The message is obviously clear, that more police and more cameras and more fines aren't going to stop people killing themselves! It infuriates me when the government just throws more money at a problem that is excruciatingly complex. I wrote an article a few weeks back outlining a new approach to reducing the road toll, I just wish someone with some power would take some of the suggestions into consideration. Why not teach people to drive better as oppose to just scaring them into slowing down?

Some of my suggestions included, making relicensing compulsory every 5 years, requiring all drivers to undergo advanced driving courses to teach them the limits of their vehicle, and also to give them perspective on what todo when their vehicle has lost traction (to read the article click here).

The simple fact that these FPVs are highway patrol cars is enough to suggest that they are utterly useless in reducing the road toll, as most accidents occur on everyday roads and not on the highway. But hey, if you can't be bothered to fix a problem from the fundamental grass root level, why not just through more money at it? Cause thats all this is! But at least the QLD government has good taste in cars!