Range Rover Grand Evoque could be on its way

Range Rover and Land Rover marketing teams are apparently thinking about bringing out a larger Range Rover Grand Evoque vehicle to fill the gap between the Evoque and the much larger Range Rover Sport.
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According to a recent Autocar report in the UK, insiders say Land Rover/Range Rover marketing departments are close to making a decision on such a vehicle. The vehicle, dubbed the Range Rover Grand Evoque, could be positioned in the company's line-up providing a leniency to the family sports wagon, as opposed to the smaller Evoque.

Reports say the Grand Evoque could take on a similar market placement as the BMW X6, but is likely to be less aggressive in attitude. The bigger Evoque is also pitched to carry a similar style and layout to the Evoque, offering more interior room particularly for rear seat passengers.

If the vehicle goes into production, it is likely to be built on the same Land Rover LM-RS platform - based on Ford's EuCD platform - as the Evoque. This chassis could then be extended by up to 300mm in length and 100mm in height to provide more interior volume.

Although the model is yet to be confirmed, if it does go ahead, it will likely receive similar powertrain options to the Evoque. This means the same 2.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine and the 2.2-litre turbo-diesel would be available.

Entry-level prices are said to kick off at around those of the top-spec Evoque ($75,895), while top of the range model prices are expected to be somewhere around the entry-level prices of the Range Rover Sport ($100,000).

It is only early days, however, it could be an interesting vehicle for Range Rover. What do you think, would you buy one?