As part of the NSW Government's plan to revise confusing speed zones on short strips of road, a speed limit audit will take place next month to ask motorists what they think the speed limits should be.
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The audit will include the top 100 most annoying roads that have confusing and changeable speed limits. Drivers will be able to give their opinion on a website that will be set up, giving them a chance to have a say on what speed zones should be applied to particular areas.

Specific speed zones include 70km/h and 90km/h zones that, in some areas, change from 60km/h to 70km/h and back down again along short strips of road. Roads Minister Duncan Gay said in a recent News Limited report,

"This is about getting the balance right between ensuring we have the right speed zone for the road condition and not having an excessive number of speed changes.""This will make it simpler for motorists to stick to the speed limit. We don't want motorists to get caught out, we want them to have a say in prioritising speed zone changes across this state."

Speed zones have the potential to decrease and increase in certain areas. Specific streets in the spotlight include some of Sydney's main roads, like the Great Western Highway and King Georges Road, as well as stretches of the New England Highway out west.

The plans also hope to introduce a new rule for minimum speed zone distances which will get rid of the confusing manner in which some speed zone areas are laid out.

A review of the effectiveness of speed cameras is also scheduled to be finalised next month, which could prove cameras are just revenue raisers, and measures that can make driving more confusing.

What do you think? Should we all be able to have our say on what we think the speed limits should be? Or should someone with some sort of credentials, such as the government that we elect in the first place, do a better job of deciding for us?

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