Ferrari FF Maximus tuning concept by DMC

German tuning house DMC has come up with a tuning kit for the brand new Ferrari FF four-wheel drive, four-seat supercar. Called the Maximus package, DMC hopes to bring more power and less weight to the shooting brake model.
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DMC wants to give the FF style a dose of aggressive revisions from front to back. These include a redesigned front bumper with an extended lower chin as well as additional air vents in the sides to aid brake cooling.

The rear design is beefed up considerably compared with the standard FF, and showcases a race car-like, carbon fibre rear splitter and diffuser arrangement. The rear bumper itself is also redesigned and incorporates matching side vents with the front and a new rear spoiler.

Thanks to the use of carbon fibre for all the cosmetic revisions, DMC has managed to shave around 70kg off the FF's standard weight. This means the Maximus tips the scales at around 1810kg (kerb weight).

Under the bonnet is where the dramatic changes will take place. DMC wants to fit two superchargers onto the 6.0-litre, direction injection V12 engine. The company says this will kick power up by 160kW and torque by 179Nm, meaning total outputs will be a whopping 653kW and 862Nm.

DMC claims with these changes, the Ferrari FF will be capable of sprinting from 0-100km/h in just 3.2 seconds. The package is still under development and prices are yet to be finalised. What do you think, for better or for worse?