Toyota will showcase a pre-production version of the next-generation Toyota Yaris at the upcoming Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne. The new model will go on sale in Australia during the final quarter of this year.
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Sporting an all-new body, the new Yaris is a lot sharper than the existing range, even showcasing some of the Prius design in the front end. The new shape is not only more energetic, it also provides increased interior space compared with the current model.

Dimension changes include a lower roofline by 15mm, an extended wheelbase of 50mm and an overall body length increase of 100mm. This is said to provide more room inside, particularly for rear-seat passengers.

The Toyota Yaris was introduced to Australia in late 2005 as a replacement for the popular Toyota Echo. The Echo and Yaris were the highest-selling light cars in Australia between 2003 and 2008.

Specific options and powertrain details are yet to be announced, however, lots of information will be released when all is revealed at the Motor Show in Melbourne. The show will run from July 1 until July 10. We look forward to bringing you all the coverage.