Fancy frock for Gallardo from Premier4509

Is there such thing as the poor man's Lamborghini? Current owners of the now discontinued Gallardo need not feel inadequate, with VeilSide subsidiary Premier4509 unveiling a deceptively familiar aero kit.
New frock for Gallardo from Premier4590
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The Japanese tuning house has developed a new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and rear spoiler for the outgoing Lambo.

But it's not all just for show, the kit improves the aerodynamics of the Gallardo and directs air flow over the engine and brakes more efficiently.

New frock for Gallardo from Premier4590

The custom panels are made from a combination of carbon-fibre and FRP, which are actually too small for panels such as the rear diffuser in raw form.

Premier4509 actually employ a technician whose sole task is to line up the individual weave of separate pieces of carbon-fibre to ensure a flawless finish.

New frock for Gallardo from Premier4590

In the past, the tuning house has also produced a widebody kit for the Bentley Continental GT and a similar rendition of the Gallardo kit for the Murcielago.