Ferrari Europe has announced it is providing some of its customers with seven-years free servicing under the Ferrari Genuine Maintenance program. The program is only available to Ferrari 458, California and FF customers, and it can be handed over to second-hand buyers.
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The program started off in Europe as of March, but the company has said it will become available in other international markets later this year. CarAdvice contacted Edward Rowe of ATECO and European Automotive Imports, Ferrari importers for Australia, about the program, he said,

"At the moment it [the program] is for European customers only. It will be rolled out on a market by market basis over the next 12 months."

Mr Rowe said that Australian market introduction depends on various legal and market requirements. He did say that if he was to predict when the program would become available, if at all, it would likely be early in 2012, at around the time of the local launch of the Ferrari FF.

For all those living outside Australia, the program is available now and covers all scheduled maintenance items including fluids and spare parts. The company has also said there is no limit on kilometres either and the program can be transferred to a second owner. Ferrari recently said about the program that it is,

"Designed to anticipate one annual service each year during the seven years, but, as there is no mileage restriction, clients who reach the service intervals by mileage (every 20,000km) will be able to have their car serviced more than once per year."

It sounds like a great deal and a good way to reassure customers that the company is serious about maintaining the durability and reliability of its products. It also helps settle the controversy kicked up by last year's recall, which affected 1248 Ferrari 458 Italia customers world wide after a number of fire incidents occurred.

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