Volvo has released a teaser video of the Volvo Concept Universe ahead of its unveiling at this week’s Auto Shanghai 2011 motor show.
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The short clip reveals little more than the silhouette of the Concept Universe, although that in itself says a lot about Volvo Cars and its new ownership under Chinese manufacturing giant Geely.

Volvo CEO Stephen Jacoby has expressed numerous times that for the Swedish-based brand to achieve its goal of doubling its sales to 800,000 by 2020, it needs to focus on smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles in the future.

But Chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Li Shufu, insists that if Volvo is to be successful in China, it needs an aspirational, range-topping luxury sedan to rival the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7 Series.

And if the Concept Universe is anything to go by, it appears Mr Shufu is closer than ever to getting his way.

In profile, the Concept Universe has a long, low, handsome stance reminiscent of the Jaguar XJ.

The sketches in the video clip reveal fastback rear designs with angular taillights flowing across the entire rear end, although the vehicle revealed at Shanghai is expected to feature a more traditional sedan layout.

We will bring you more details of the Volvo Concept Universe when it debuts at Auto Shanghai 2011 later this week. Stay tuned.