Given the number of complaint emails we receive for our somewhat, anti-hybrid comments, we thought we would try and educate a few of our readers with some real world figures.
Toyota Prius vs BMW 520d
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Our friends at UK's TimesOnline website have done a rather interesting test, they decided to drive to the Geneva motor show and took a BMW 520d (diesel) and a Toyota Prius for a fuel-economy test.

In Europe, the United States as well as here in Australia, governments have been fooled by the hybrid propaganda, giving Prius owners significant advantages over other motorists. It ranges from lower taxes, limited congestion charges, even the ability to use the T2/3 lanes without having another person in the car.

Toyota Prius Hybrid System Price Drop

All of that is done in the name of the environment, use less fuel, save the planet. Right, so which car uses less fuel to travel about 900kms? A small Toyota Prius or BMW's large 520d sedan?

This sums it up the best:

For all my defensive driving, slippery bodywork and hybrid technology, my average fuel consumption was 48.1mpg. I’d lost to a Beemer and I was disappointed; I had never driven so slowly or carefully for so long in my life. I’m considering buying a V8 Range Rover and opening my own oil well in protest.

If you're thinking, but it's was all highway kilometres and the Beamer had the advantage, you would be incorrect, the route was specifically picked to include lots of urban driving to favour the Prius. Still, the 520d won.

BMW 520d

The article is available free online here, have a read, it might change your mind!