Hyundai has just unveiled the all-new Hyundai Blue2 Concept car at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show in Korea. The concept is Hyundai's first Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.
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The Blue2 concept was developed as a part of Hyundai's plan to lead fuel cell development, especially in the race to produce market-ready versions. This means overtaking the Japanese big-hitters in the industry, Honda and Toyota, who have both produced hydrogen cars, which are already available in certain markets.

Nonetheless, Hyundai is serious that it has advanced in technology development and is exhibiting this Blue2 to prove that. It features a 90kW, 1.65kW/L fuel stack which is said to be capable of achieving 2.8L/100km.

To make the car as efficient as possible, the Blue2 showcases low-rolling resistant tyres and an ultra-aerodynamic 'intersected flow' body design which helps the car cut through the air.

Although the Blue2 (a name derived from Hyundai's Blue technology and the hydrogen 'H2' symbol) will never make it to production in this form, it does indeed prove Hyundai is keen and ready to provide for the future.

Overall, the Blue2 looks very good. And best yet, Hyundai says the shape will be used as "a blueprint for future sedans". We hope so.