Video: Ferrari FF review by Autocar

Perhaps one of the first ever road test reviews of the controversial new Ferrari FF shooting brake all-wheel drive has just been carried out by the guys at Autocar in the UK. This is a pretty important first impression of the car as it could make or break opinions on all-wheel drive Ferraris of the future.
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Luckily, Autocar is pleased with the car overall, although journalist Jaime Corstorphine does say the engine may not be as ballistic at the top end as a Ferrari 599. However, he does says that in the real world, its cross-country pace would be quicker.

More importantly, however, is the management of Ferrari's all-wheel drive system. Corstorphine throws the car into a tight hairpin corner and mashes the throttle. He says there's no real interruption in power delivery as it offers "staggering propulsion" out of the corner.

Corstorphine does say you can feel the all-paw system working, especially if the car is sliding a bit you can feel the system trying to pull the car straight. He does say it doesn't actually feel like it affects the steering feel though.

Overall, the review says the car isn't very intimidating to drive, offering a great touring package that could be used as an everyday car. Downsides? Just the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which Autocar says isn't as slick as the ones found in other Ferrari models.

Take a look below for the full review.