According to recent reports out of Germany, Porsche is considering making a smaller vehicle in the mould of the Porsche Panamera, which the automotive media has already nicknamed the Porsche 'Pajun' - short for 'Panamera junior'. The car will apparently be offered in the same engine trim levels as the bigger Panamera.
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If there's a gap in the market for a particular car, it appears Porsche is happy to fill it. Porsche has only just recently announced that it will be making a small SUV, like a mini Cayenne, which will be called the Cajun. Now it seems the company is keen on making a mid-sized sports sedan which will follow the same 'junior' trend.

A smaller sedan would allow the German marque to pitch a car up against the likes of BMW's 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, although, Porsche would offer a more obvious orientation towards the performance and premium segment.

If the rumours are true, the Porsche Pajun will be offered in both twin-turbo and aspirated V8 forms (368kW and 298kW, respectively) and a more fuel-efficient 220kW V6, as well as an economical 220kW diesel variant. A hybrid layout could also join the line-up. All variants will apparently use an all-wheel drive system.

It is only early days yet, however, Autobild says we could expect the model to be introduced sometime in 2016, with prices in Europe in the 60,000 euro range ($83,000). We'll keep you updated.