It's that special time in the morning, usually between 7-8:30am when the majority of us get in our cars and drive to work. It's when traffic is standing still and the last thing you can tolerate is annoying ads, but that's just what you might get if Microsoft has its way.
Microsoft Synz
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The software giant' s in-car system, Microsoft Sync, which is currently deployed exclusively in American delivered Ford vehicles, has some amazing features. It can connect (via Bluetooth) to 12 phones, it can read out new SMS messages and you can then reply by verbal command - it can even make you coffee...

Okay, so it can't make you coffee, but what it will soon be able to do is give you automatic updates on traffic congestion. Utilising a built in Sat-Nav it may even direct you around traffic.

Of course, being made by Microsoft, it will probably crash and send you towards a high-security prison, but while you're on your way it will start showing you ads.

Microsoft says that data delivery will be expensive and uptake of the technology will be minimal if drivers had to pay. So instead, you will receive ads from local shops.

Microsoft Sync

Driving towards a Bunnings? The car will simply tell you that you're only 3 left turns away, or perhaps you can do with a Big-Mac?

Sounds like a logical plan, free information for advertising, a model we are all very used to, but just how exactly Microsoft plans to display ads on an LCD screen without distracting the driver is beyond us.

Would you rather pay for this service or tolerate some ads?