Some heart-stopping footage has recently surfaced on YouTube showing how close a petrol tanker fire came to igniting an entire petrol station. The driver managed to drive the engulfed tanker off the petrol station property to avoid what could have been, potentially, a much larger disaster.
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The footage was taken by a petrol station CCTV camera in Turkey. It shows the tanker filling the station's fuel supplies when suddenly the fuel being transferred ignites and begins engulfing the entire truck.

With loads of surrounding people understandably fleeing the scene, the tanker driver managed to get a hold of a fire extinguisher to calm the flames. Failing that, the driver then courageously took the helm of the engulfed truck and drove it out of harm's way.

Unfortunately, some cars were torched during the ordeal. Reports says no one was seriously injured from the incident though - a miracle result for what could surely have been a very large explosion and/or fire. Take a look below.