With the weekend fast approaching, a lot of us look for any old distraction to put off that last bit of work until Monday.
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If you’ve never done it before, the Bugatti Veyron configurator is one of the best automotive-themed time killers going around.

Bugatti will paint the exterior of the Veyron in 59 different colours, and there are four different design options: single tone and three dual-tone looks. (Henry Ford would be spinning in his grave if he knew about this.)

The interior can also be optioned in 19 different colours, and again there are four different combinations depending on the degree you like your colours splashed around.

Diving even deeper, there’s alloy wheels, door handles, mirrors, door signatures, roof rails and more to customise on the outside, and sill plates, mirrors, stitching and quilting, headrests and seatbelts to style in the cabin.

I’m no mathematician, but there are literally billions of combinations to ensure than no two Veyrons are the same.

The online configurator lets you view your creation from eight different angles and generate a PDF file once you are happy with the design.

A Danish magazine is currently running a Facebook competition to see who can design the most vulgar Veyron.

The Ugly Bug competition is in the final stages, with 14 designs currently shortlisted in the grand finale.

If you need to eat up a couple of minutes, check them out and see if you can do better.