Sbarro Evoluzione unveiled at Geneva

Not to be outdone by Lamborghini's efforts at this year's Geneva Motor Show, the Espera Sbarro design school has unveiled this aggressive looking piece at the show in Switzerland. It's called the Sbarro Evoluzione.
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It features a Lamborghini-esque body only it appears to have been hacked at by a large machete. The front end is 'conventional' in its design and features a sharp pointy nose typically seen on other hypercars. The rear, however, is where Sbarro goes nuts. There is no rear.

Exposing the entire rear suspension set-up and the engine, the Sbarro Evoluzione is sure to set itself apart from the rest of the timid and tame hypercars out there. The Evoluzione concept was built without the constraints that production cars normally have to keep in mind.

Overall, the design took 25 students just 13 weeks to complete - they eagerly wanted to make sure this car was one of the star attractions at the show. Pierre Guenebaut, a teacher at Espera Sbarro, said at the unveiling of the car,

"Being present at the Geneva Motor Show is a reward for them. They will have the opportunity to explain their project to the public while investing in relationships and communication."

Inside that exposed rear section sits a rather boring 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine borrowed from Audi. It outputs a soothing 134kW of power.

Seating layout is arranged in a McLaren F1 fashion with the driver front and centre while two passengers take 'wingmen' seats to the right and left.

The Sbarro Evoluzione is only a concept car at this stage, with no production plans announced.

Image source: carscoop