Subaru is set to equip Liberty and Outback models with its succesful EyeSight technology in the later part of this year.
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The idea is simple, equip vehicles with an eye that can detect potential collisions and help drivers in preventing accidents.

Subaru EyeSight system will see tiny road-facing cameras placed on each side of the rear-view mirror. These little units in conjunction with the car's onboard computer can then work out between them if they need to jump in and assist the driver when a collision is imminent.

Australia will become the first market outside of Japan to adapt the technology. According to Nick Senior, Managing Director of Subaru Australia, more than 50 percent of Liberty models sold in the land of the rising sun are now equipped with EyeSight.

The technology has been undergoing rigorous testing in Australia for the last 12 months and will add even more kudos to the Japanese brand's infallible reputation in safety.

At its core the idea is similar to Volvo's CitySafe, but is likely to perform better when shown to the media. EyeSight works in numerous situations (as described below by Subaru):

  • Pre-crash braking – applies the brakes when a vehicle ahead is detected slowing or stopping suddenly (and the driver has failed to apply the brakes).
  • Pre-crash brake assist – if the system determines that a collision is highly likely and the driver applies the brakes, the system can generate 1G maximum deceleration to help reduce impact or damage.
  • Progressive Start Control – if a driver accidentally applies full throttle close to a barrier or large object situated in front of the car (such as a car park wall or vehicle immediately ahead at close range), EyeSightTM inhibits the throttle opening, helping minimise or potentially avoid impact. This will also assist in helping to reduce impacts in situations when “Drive” is accidentally selected instead of “Reverse.”
  • Adaptive Cruise control – is designed to maintain a safe distance from the ‘target’ car in front irrespective of the varying speed of that vehicle.
  • Lane Departure Warning - alerts the driver if the system determines that the car is drifting across clearly marked lanes.
  • Vehicle Sway Warning - alerts the driver if the car starts to sway from one side of the road to another, which may occur with fatigue.
  • Progressive Motion Monitor - when the EyeSightTM-equipped vehicle is stopped and the vehicle in front starts to move, the driver receives an audible reminder and information display indicator notifying them that the vehicle in front has moved.

Only a few years ago this type of technology was exclusive to the likes of BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. These days it's an ever decreasing time-frame from when the Europeans showcase a new technology and when the rest of the world quickly picks it up and puts it into more affordable vehicles.

CarAdvice will bring you a review of the EyeSight system when it lands in Australian showrooms.