Audi has revealed images of the new Audi A3 sedan concept we first previewed in sketch form last week. The A3 sedan is referred to as a 'notchback' and is shorter than both the Volkswagen Jetta sedan and Audi A4 sedan.
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The first thing you'll notice about the new concept is its dramatic front end. It features a large new grille similar to the one we saw on the Audi Quattro Concept, showcasing a new design language that could be seen on the upcoming range of new Audi A3s.

The Audi A3 sedan concept is 4.44m long, 1.84m wide and 1.39m tall, so it's 15cm longer, 7cm wider and 3cm lower than the current second-generation five-door A3 hatchback. Although this is just the concept, an Audi A3 four-door sedan is expected to enter the market in 2013 sharing similar proportions to this concept.

Perhaps even more exciting than the imposing front grille design is the inclusion of the 2.5-litre, 300kW, five-cylinder engine under the bonnet. Although this is only likely to feature in the concept model initially, reports say it will be the powerplant of the future Audi RS3 model.

International reports say the production model will be initially developed for the US and Chinese markets.

The Audi A3 sedan concept will officially debut at tonight's Geneva Motor Show. Watch this article for image and detail updates later this evening.