Renault has announced a new fuel-saving deal to coincide with new light commercial vehicle sales. Renault will offer a $1000 fuel card to all Renault Kangoo and Renault Trafic Phase III buyers who purchase and take delivery between February 1 and March 31 this year.
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The new Renault Kangoo only just arrived in Australia in January this year. It boasts a fuel economy average of just 5.2L/100km. When purchased with this special fuel-saving offer, buyers could expect to travel up to 14,400km for free (calculated using an average fuel price of $1.33/litre).

Renault Trafic Phase III buyers, on the other hand, could also capitalise off Renault's deal. The larger Trafic Phase III offers a payload of 1200kg (800kg for the Kangoo) and presents a fuel consumption rating of 9.0L/100km, equipped with an automatic transmission. Using the same fuel price calculation, it means if you buy Trafic Phase III and receive it before March 31, you'll get 9000km of free driving out of it straight off the bat.

Justin Hocevar, Managing Director Renault Australia, recently spoke about the offer, saying,

"Many of our light commercial vehicle customers run small businesses and we are certain this offer will really add value to their decision to purchase a Renault LCV. One of our key objectives is to increase awareness of the very highly competitive vehicles Renault has in the market."

It is a great opportunity for small business owners who use a van on a daily basis. As Mr Hocevar added, "The timing for the free fuel offer is perfect, because right now many fleets and small businesses are turning their attention to end of financial year asset purchase planning".