Nissan launched a rather personal attack at Porsche owners recently with a new marketing campaign. Nissan public relations personnel decided to slap a big Nissan GT-R rear end transparent onto the windscreen of Porsche cars out in public. The drivers then got into their Porsches and simply saw a big GT-R rear end.
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The footage below explains it all. But what we want to know is, is it taking it too far?

Has Nissan stepped over the mark here? By attacking Porsche owners personally it could mean Nissan is feeling vulnerable and possibly a little bit afraid of Porsche at the moment, so maybe the company has had to come up with cheap, attention-seeking techniques.

On the contrary, it could be seen as a bit of a laugh that Nissan hopes Porsche will take lightly.

Let's hope Porsche returns the ball with an equally funny and interesting marketing campaign.

A Porsche Australia spokesman told CarAdvice the company was aware of Nissan's behaviour overseas but declined to offer any comment on it.

Either way, it's very Germanic and the reactions are quite funny. Take a look below and tell us what you think.