BMW's performance tuning division in the US has announced a new M Performance Exhaust system for the E90-series BMW M3. The new exhaust offers a crisper, brute V8 soundtrack and is also lighter in weight compared with the standard BMW M3 exhaust.
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It comprises two new rear mufflers that are made from a chrome-nickel alloy called Inconel. This stronger alloy has allowed BMW M engineers to develop thinner piping, which has been reduced from 1.5mm down to 0.8mm. Overall, it offers a weight saving of around 9kg over the standard system.

Just as importantly though, the traditional howling M3 noise is turned up to another level. Have a listen in the BMW M video below.

The system also gets unique 'M' badges embossed into each of the four tips. BMW says the new exhaust is now available through any authorised BMW Dealer and retails for $US4374 ($4313), plus installation costs.