Nissan ESFLOW Concept Geneva preview

Nissan has just released details of a new rear-drive all-electric sports car concept. Called the Nissan ESFLOW, the car is powered by two electric motors and is detailed in plenty of 'blue carbon' and blue LEDs.
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Nissan is being very clear about the car's status, saying that it is not an internal combustion engine aided by electric power; it is a project that has been developed from the ground up as a zero tailpipe emission car.

Although specific power outputs are yet to be mentioned, the car uses two motors that supply power to each rear wheel. Nissan has said the concept is sporty enough to crack the five second barrier when accelerating from 0-100km/h. The Nissan ESFLOW is also apparently able to achieve an range of 240km on a single charge.

The bodywork is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the ESFLOW though, as a number of major body components are made from special blue carbon fibre - such as sections of the rear bumper bar, roof-mounted lip spoiler, side sill panels and inserts in the alloy wheels. Nissan says the design personality was inspired by glaciers, with LED headlights signifying reflective solidified liquid.

Inside the car is equally modern, but at the same time, clean and open. It also focuses on the lightweight theme. The seats, for example, are blended into the construction of the rear bulkhead to minimise the need for heavy seat frames. This means the seats are in a fixed position but it's okay because the dashboard, pedals and steering wheel can be repositioned electrically.

Nissan will showcase the ESFLOW in full detail at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, commencing March 1. We look forward to bringing you more details and images then.