Flying Maruti 800 to debut at AeroIndia 2011

A private engineering company claims it has the technology to create a flying car using pretty much any car as a basis. To prove the company is for real, it will exhibit a specially modified Maruti 800 (a popular Indian city car) that has the potential to fly the skies like George Jetson.
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Unfortunately, no actual in-the-sky testing has been made as the car hasn't yet passed Directorate General of Civil Aviation's approval. That's where the AeroIndia show will come in handy, though.

The Defence Ministry has allowed the car to be exhibited at the AeroIndia show alongside various exotic and extreme machinery, such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, various F/A 16 and F/A 18s as well as Gripen and Rafale aircraft. The Defence Production Secretary, Raj Kumar Singh, recently said,

"This flying car is a product from a Bangalore-based innovator. He says he has the technology with which he can use a Maruti 800 car as an aircraft. To encourage him, we have provided him space at the static exhibition for aerospace products."

It sounds a bit out of this world, but let's not forget that this is not the first attempt at producing a fully fledged flying car. We reported a few months ago a story about an American firm called Terrafugia, which announced it would be putting its flying car on the market; a car that has passes relevant aviation regulations. The flying Maruti 800 might use a similar design, featuring foldaway wings.

We'll be sure to provide any further information upon the car's unveiling at the show, commencing February 9.