According to recent European reports referencing Bentley insiders, the new range of Bentley vehicles to come out in the near future will be available with two different engine options; a single-turbo 4.0-litre V8 and a twin-turbo version.
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The new engines will be available in the latest Bentley Continental GT towards the end of this year initially, and then become available in other models in the company's lineup in the future.

The entry-level single-turbo V8 is expected to offer around 310kW of power, while the higher-spec twin-turbo V8 of the same capacity is set to offer around 414kW of power.

These engines will allow Bentley to reach its target of both; releasing an engine with a specific power output of at least 100hp (75kW) per litre, and, release an engine that passes more stringent emissions regulations put in place.

The engines will replace the twin-turbo W12 units currently on offer.

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