If you were left confused, uninspired, sitting nowhere near the edge of your seat after watching the first and second parts of the Aston Martin Rapide short film, the final installment is sure to get the pulses racing. Actually, it's much the same as before, only more confusing. It does feature a bit more of the awesome Aston Martin Rapide though.
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The film goes a long way to emphasise a point using a half-baked chase scene, a few helicopter shots and even the odd 'bandit in a white van' cliche. The only thing that's missing is the destruction of cardboard boxes. At least there are loads of nice sound clips from the 350kW 6.0-litre V12 engine.

Aston Martin should perhaps stick to what it does best; making stunning sports cars and glorious luxury grand tourers that belch out some of the finest combustion symphonies ever heard.