Australians face bullbar ban

The Federal Government is currently considering bringing in new pedestrian-safety-related road rules which could see bullbars being banned. This has upset many four-wheel drive enthusiasts and groups around the country.
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According to reports, the Federal Government is thinking of taking on rules adopted by European countries which were developed by the United Nations Economic Cooperation. These rules also ban things like Roo bars, nudge bars and the like.

But outback and off-roading groups are outraged by the proposal. Regional outback Australia resident, John Girdham, from Karama in the Northern Territory, recently told News Ltd,

"Getting rid of bullbars would mean there would be little protection from animals. The decision was made by some guys sitting in an air-conditioned room who have never done any off-road driving, and are only looking at soccer mums driving big four-wheel-drives."

Mr Girdham also pointed out that bullbars offer significant protection against trees and sticks. He said that if such unavoidable obstacles were to puncture the radiator in remote areas, it could leave outback commuters stranded for some time.

It seems like a fairly 'un-Australian' idea. Even emergency services recognise the importance of the bullbar in certain regions. The proposal is yet to be passed.