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After posing the question to FPV, Rod Barrett, General Manager, Ford Performance vehicles, had this to say about the photographs:

"The vehicle shown undertaking testing in Sweden is an engineering mule vehicle used as part of the Miami engineering development program. During this program the vehicle was based in Europe, and other parts of the world. Specifically, it has been used to calibrate the vehicle's electronic traction control, anti-lock-brakes and dynamic stability control systems. This prototype vehicle has been fitted with heat exchangers designed to allow engineers to control engine intake air temperatures, independent of prevailing ambient conditions. In other words, the vehicle can be tested on very low friction surfaces currently present during the Swedish winter, while at the same time the engineers can simulate the engine performance as if the test was being conducted in 40 deg C temperatures in the Northern Territory. This system has been installed for development purposes only, and is in no way related to the development of a model designated GT-H or GT HO. The FPV GS and GT have class-leading power and torque outputs from the Supercharged 5.0 litre V8 engine. To achieve this, the GS and GT do not require an engine intercooler system."

Original - 24/01/2011: FPV has been sprung testing the FPV GT in freezing conditions in northern Sweden. This isn't any regular FPV GT though, it's believed to be an intercooled version of the GT, which is rumoured to be dubbed the GT-H.

Expected to produce a considerable amount of power - insiders suggest up to 375kW - the package benefits from side mounted intercoolers to help keep temperatures under wraps.

If the vehicle is nearing readiness, it's expected to be shown at the Melbourne International Motor Show this year and is likely to coincide with the turbo diesel Ford Territory.

Testing in freezing conditions also suggests that FPV may be readying the GT for international deployment, whether it be as an entire car or just the engine for use in some of Ford's products in the USA and Europe.

FPV has been contacted for comment and we will keep you posted as more information comes to hand.

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