Top 5 recommendations in a particular vehicle segment

With more than 50 car brands in Australia, selling hundreds of different makes and models, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the vast choice in car showrooms. So here at CarAdvice, we've produced this super-handy section that provides you with our Top 5 recommendations in a particular vehicle segment.

So, want to know which five small cars we'd suggest putting on your shopping short-list? Just click on Top 5 Small Cars to find them listed, along with useful at-a-glance information such as pricing, good and bad points, and our overall star rating.

You can also click on buttons to either read a full review of a specific car, or – if you want to buy that vehicle – proceed to CarAdvice's Best Price section where you can negotiate anonymously with dealers online rather than having to trudge down to the showroom.

If you can't see the specific car you have your eye on, then you can click on a particular Top 5 segment to see all reviews, or simply use our search tool in the top right hand corner of the page.

So far we have covered the following segments with more to come soon.

Light Cars
Small Cars
Medium Cars
Large Cars
Luxury Cars
Sports Cars
People Movers