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Proton is Malaysia's automotive contribution to the international market, founded in 1983 with no competition until 10 years later. It wasn't until 1995 when the Proton Persona was launched in Australia, where it is still on sale today. This has grown to the six cars available to the Australian market ranging between sedans, hatches and a pick-up. Proton is a brand on the move and with the launch of the S16, it aims to capture younger buyers looking for their first car.
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2014 Proton Preve Review: GXR

It's hard to beat on paper, but how does the Proton Preve shape up on the road?

Proton Suprima S Review : GXR

Is Proton's Suprima S small car good enough to entice buyers? Matt Campbell finds out.

Proton Exora Review

Proton's Exora is Australia's most affordable seven-seater - so is it a bargain?

Proton Suprima S Review

New Malaysian hatchback comes with turbo power, attractive pricing and extended factory backing.

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Proton News

2016 Proton New Cars

Fresh stock of the Suprima S and Exora will arrive in the second quarter of 2016 to give Proton dealers new product to offer to customers. There’s word that the Exora people-mover will get the smallest of visual updates, but otherwise both models will be unchanged from their current forms...

Proton Prevé enters run-out with no replacement in sight

The Proton Prevé will slowly disappear from Australian showrooms next year, and there’s no word on a successor for the small sedan at this stage. Proton Cars Australia is currently running out existing stock of the Prevé and has no plans to import any extra stock of the car in 2016...

New Proton Perdana sedan teased in Malaysia: Sleek styling on old Accord base

Malaysian carmaker Proton has handed down a series of shadowy teaser shots for its ‘new’ Perdana sedan, ahead of a domestic market launch set for early 2016. The Perdana badge reaches back to the mid 1990s, although just two generations have been introduced in that time...

Proton Pick-Up ute concept revealed in Malaysia

Malaysian carmaker Proton has unveiled a new ute concept this week, but those hoping for a successor to the compact Jumbuck will be left wanting. Revealed in these photos from Malaysian website PaulTan.org, the new concept - dubbed simply ‘Pick-Up’ - is noteably larger than its tiny ancestor, debuting as a potential rival to bigtime players like the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger...

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Proton Owner Reviews

2013 Proton Prevé GX Review

Fixed price servicing at 15,000km intervals with a 5 year/175,000km warranty and a purchase price under $14,000 my GX CVT Prevé is affordable. With most components sourced from BOSCH such as timing belt, filters, discs, pads etc it is a mainstream vehicle. The CVT transmission is from Punch International who supply Holden commodore autos, and are likely to be Commodore's new owner...

2014 Proton Exora Gxr Review

I'm in the final stages of a lease of this car so not an actual owner. I decided to lease this after being impressed with the amount of room it has with both rear rows folded down, nice and flat. Never seen an official figure but it must be well over 2000 litres of space for a weekend trip to Bunnings. It has been generally comfortable, reliable, and a great everyday drive...


I think people are too caught up with performance they can't use. Who has confirmed their 0-100 times? If you do then you just thrashed the daylights out of your machine. As far as style, no worse than the squashed snake look that everyone copies, even the newest toyota. You need a finder's guide to see what car you are looking at...

2011 PROTON S16 Review

With the trade on my car, I paid $7000 for this Proton S16 GX. $7000, with 17 kilometres on the clock, 12 months registration, insurance and that warranty. If you need a cheap car that is worry free for three years, then this is the car for you. Yes, the only heart its going to win is yours but in saying that, you are the only person who is in the car the most...

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