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2015 Porsche Boxster S Review

The Porsche Boxster was, once upon a time, considered the pretender's Porsche. The purists screamed from the rooftops that 'real' Porsche owners would only ever opt for the 911. All that has changed though and the Boxster is now, especially in S guise, a genuine performance option.

2015 Porsche Boxster GTS Review: Yarra Valley weekender

Driving your first Porsche is exciting enough, sharing that moment with your dad is even better...

Porsche Boxster GTS Review

The Porsche Boxster GTS adds a harder edge to the mid-engined soft-top range. It might be love...

Jaguar F-Type v Porsche Boxster: Comparison Review

The Jaguar F-Type mounts a fierce challenge to the Porsche Boxster.

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2015 Porsche Boxster GTS - remote roof operation

Read the article here. Having a convertible Porsche on a nice sunny day is a pretty cool thing, but what makes the 2015 Porsche Boxster GTS even cooler is to be able to remotely lower the top - with just the key. To activate, simply press and hold the unlock button - the windows will move then the top will lower and stow into the bodywork...

Porsche Boxster Comparisons

Jaguar F-Type v Porsche Boxster: Comparison Review

The Jaguar F-Type mounts a fierce challenge to the Porsche Boxster.

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2016 Porsche Boxster facelift spied camouflage free

Our spy photographers have nabbed the Porsche Boxster almost completely camouflage free ahead of its expected debut next year. Earlier this week we ran photos of the updated Porsche Boxster, caught outside the company's headquarters in Zuffenhausen, Germany. That prototype had a shroud of plastic hiding the changes made to car's front fascia...

2016 Porsche Boxster facelift spied, will have turbo flat-four engines - report

The 2016 facelift for the Porsche Boxster has been spotted by our photographers outside the company's headquarters in Zuffenhausen, Germany. While the visual updates are quite mild, more dramatic changes are being wrought under the skin. According to Car, the updated Boxster and Cayman models will be powered almost exclusively by a suite of turbocharged horizontally opposed four-cylinder petrol engines...

Porsche passes LCT savings to customers with reduced pricing - UPDATE

Porsche has handed down new savings to Australian buyers this week, following the release of its 2016 model year pricing in May. While that earlier update introduced new standard features and higher pricing across the range, the new reduced prices announced today are thanks to changes made to the Luxury Car Tax (LCT) this week...

Porsche Boxster and 911 ranges add feature-packed Black Edition variants

The Porsche Boxster and 911 Carrera sports car ranges have been expanded with the introduction of feature-packed Black Edition variants. The Porsche Boxster Black Edition adds a claimed $15,000 in additional equipment to the entry-level Boxster on which it’s based, yet costs just $5700 more with the manual transmission ($110,800 plus on-road costs) and $6100 more with the dual-clutch PDK automatic ($116,190 plus on-roads)...

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Porsche Boxster Owner Reviews

2001 Porsche Boxster Review

So you have spent the last 6 months car-less because you have moved too close to work to drive and haven't got any off street parking. Its now obvious that you've made a huge mistake, you love driving and being without your own mode of conveyance has cause sections of your soul to die off slowly. Worse still you rely on public transport. You have no choice...

1997 Porsche Boxster Review

If you think ‘real' Porsche's have their engines hanging over the back axle then chances are you won't consider Boxsters genuine Porsches. If this is that case then I probably shouldn't mention the ‘C' word (Cayenne), or broach the topic of the sedan-come-hatch that starts with a ‘P' and ends in an ‘anamera'...

2011 Porsche Boxster SS Review

Inspired by recent great reviews of the Porsche 981 Boxter S and Cayman S models I seriously considered buying one. However I couldn't justify the cost of buying a new one given our punitive tax system meant the same car seemed to almost cost twice as much as the US. And let's not forget the price of options on a new car! Furthermore, I wanted a Porsche with the more tactile mechanical steering...

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