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Holden was started back 1856 as a saddlery business in South Australia. Holden designs, builds and sells vehicles such as the Commodore, Barina & Cruze to the world and particularly in Australia where it has 300+ dealers. Holden is based in Port Melbourne and makes use of an engine manufacturing plant in Victoria plus a vehicle manufacturing operation located in Adelaide South Australia.

Holden Reviews

2015 Holden Insignia VXR Review

It's back — this time it wears a Holden badge. The Holden Insignia VXR marks one of the raft of new vehicles being launched in Australia by Holden over the coming years.

2015 Holden Colorado Space Cab Review

Not too big, not too small - the Colorado Space Cab is the lifestyle sweet spot in Holden's ute range - but is it good enough to keep up with newer competitors?

2015 Holden Trax LTZ Review : Long-term report two

Traxy the orange Holden Trax wins more friends as a likeable little runabout - but is it good enough to take on the newcomers in the segment?

2015 Holden Commodore Review

The Holden Commodore has been one of the best-selling Australian cars for years. Does the latest iteration live up to the Commodore nameplate?

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Holden Comparisons

Ford Focus ST v Holden Astra VXR: Comparison Review

Ford versus Holden, the definitive Australian automotive rivalry, seen here but not as we know it. There's not a V8 engine, a sedan body or a rear-wheel-drive configuration in sight. Instead, we have a pair of hot hatches, both (re)launched inside the past few months, that go about doing broadly the same thing as each other in notably different ways...

Which car should I buy for country driving? Large car or small car? : Ford Falcon v Holden Cruze

When reader Cammie emailed us with a simple question — should I buy a big or small car for country driving? — we knew that there was an opportunity to prove or dispel the myth of how well a small car performs on country roads in comparison to a big car...

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute v Holden Ute SS V Redline : Comparison review

Ford and Holden. Good start. Ford and Holden utes, at the beach. Getting even better...

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Holden Owner Reviews

2015 Holden Insignia Vxr Review

This is one of the many fast mid sized sedans in the world that is overlooked. The Insignia has a 2.8L turbocharged V6 with 239kW and 435Nm. Blessed with AWD, this car will rocket from 0-100kph in 5.8 seconds. It is both very well built and comfortable for long distance traveling. this is one of those cars that you aren't wuite sure about..

2015 Holden Commodore SV6 Review

I was looking to update my VT with over 300,000km on the clock. Hard decisions had to be made as I wanted LPG and a wagon, both of which come as auto only. I also wanted some towing ability which meant a Commodore or Falcon was a logical choice. I also test drove an ecolpi XR6 which was great to drive...

2014 Holden Barina Rs Review

Im from rural Australia, where I come from the standard prequisites for a first car buyer are large, diesel (if you arent going for a sedan) and displacement (the more the better) so when I brought my barina RS home for the first time I was met buy a generalised 'why?'. To put things in perspective I come from a family of Pajero's, Triton's, Navara's and recently a Holden Colorado...

2012 Holden Captiva 7 Cx Review

Holden Captiva Series II CX Diesel. "Value for money". This is the first thing I say when people ask about our experience. Its a 7 seater that is not a mini-van. We have 3 kids, one in car seat, so we use the 3rd row regularly on the longer drives. Also handy when I want to collect granny and grandpa who don't drive or one of the kids mates is visiting...

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Holden Videos

2015 Holden Commodore SV6 Review

Read the article here. The VF Holden Commodore is the most advanced car to be built in Australia and is consistently amongst the best selling cars in the country. With the range starting at $35,490 for the entry level Evoke, the SV6 costs an additional $1300 at $36,790...

2015 Holden Ute SS V Sandman - walkaround

Read the article here. Back in the 70's there was one name equally well known by surfers as it was concerned parents... The Holden Sandman. And now, for 2015, it's back! While most people will remember the panel van, across four generations of Holden Kingswood, the Sandman was also sold as a ute...

2015 Holden Cascada Review

Read the article here. When you think of affordable, European convertibles, Holden probably doesn't spring straight to mind. But the Lion brand has just added a new budget-conscious, fashion-conscious drop-top to its line-up - the new Cascada. The Cascada is Holden's first convertible model since the 2000s when it had the Astra twin-top...

ISOFIX Child Seats : The benefits and how to fit correctly

ISOFIX child restraints that are compliant under the Australian Standard can now be used legally, but the old way is still ok. There are however, a number of reasons parents are being encouraged to make the move to ISOFIX. The ISOFIX system is the norm for many countries across the world, making Australia a little late to the party...

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Holden News

Holden Commodore LPG to be axed

Holden will discontinue the LPG Commodore in the coming months due to a decline in interest and unviable ongoing production costs, according to a reliable industry source. The announcement, which is yet to be made public, comes ahead of the locally manufactured Commodore's end in Australia in 2017, and is likely to take effect when an updated Commodore range is released closer to the end of the year...

2015 Holden Colorado 7 commercial attracts more complaints than any other

“Bloody caravaners”. Holden landed itself in some hot water for its promotion of this statement, used in its TV commercial for the Colorado 7 off-roader, earlier this year. So much in fact, that at the half way point of 2015, no other ad has received more complaints from annoyed viewers — 161 in total...

2016 Chevrolet Cruze sedan revealed: Australian prospects unclear

The new-generation 2016 Chevrolet Cruze has been revealed at an event in the United States, but the Australian position on the new-generation sedan remains unclear. The new global small sedan will initially go on sale in the US early in 2016, and it differs from the Chevrolet Cruze for China that came before it, but it’s still very much designed for buyers who prefer small three-box models to hatchbacks...

2016 Chevrolet Camaro convertible officially revealed

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro convertible was revealed in Detroit overnight, precisely five weeks after the coupe version premiered, and ahead of its UK-market showroom launch at the start of 2016. The official reveal comes a day after images leaked online...

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