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Australia’s own supercar, the Joss Coupe, is currently under development and figures are starting to emerge about the car’s ability. An article published in the Moorabbin Kingston Leader today suggests the Joss may be faster than the Bugatti Veyron.

To find out CarAdvice talked to Joss Developments founder and technical chief Matt Thomas regarding Australia’s first supercar. To be built in Cheltenham Victoria by a group of 8-10 dedicated workers, the Joss Coupe is currently producing 0-100km/h times of 3.0 seconds flat but Mr Thomas believes it will get faster and head into the 2.7-2.9 category once the project is complete. This will make it faster than any Lamborghini or Ferrari on the market today. The Bugatti Veyron sits almost alone in the 2.3-2.5 second class.

Little is currently known about the powersource of the end product except that it will be from one of the major European manufacturers and have roughly 550 brake horsepower (and deliver a top-speed of 360km/h). We can only guess that it may indeed be a BMW M3/5, Audi RS4/6 engine or one sourced from Mercedes-Benz’s AMG unit.

The Joss development team is expecting to have their first for sale model ready by mid to late next year with an Australian production run of 25 cars per year to follow.

Nonetheless this will only be the beginning as the Joss is engineered for right and left-hand drive. Pricing wise it’s currently estimated to cost around the $500-600,000 AUD but that may change depending on the sourced engine.

Mr Thomas told CarAdvice that Joss Developments (which recently gained some investor funding) is more about  having a company that develops technology rather than just cars. Joss is currently investigating a fair few patentable components.

CarAdvice has good reason to believe the Joss supercar will be seen in production-ready guise at the 2011 Melbourne Motor Show.

  • Rob B

    “Little is currently known about the powersource of the end product except that it will be from one of the major European manufacturers and have roughly 550 brake horsepower (and deliver a top-speed of 360km/h). CarAdvice suspects it may indeed be a BMW M3/5, Audi RS4/6 engine or one sourced from Mercedes-Benz’s AMG unit.”

    Well, THAT’s hedging your bets , isn’t it …..

    • FalconUte?

      Should get over his euro-badge-snob issue and use a tuned up USA Made GM LS9 V8.

      Works mighty fine in a stock Corvette ZR1, faster around TheRing than the GT.R!

      The best of the lot “home made” kit-car like these is the Ultima720GTR, has just about every record known to man, lapped the TopGear track like 10s faster than anything else, yet TopGear wont test it, WTF is the issue there?

      • Ben

        When you spend over $500,000 on a car you don’t want a Mazda engine, particually when you are compeating with Italian names like Ferrari and built cars like Spyker. The car looks very nice but again it doesn’t have the same wow factor, attention to detail and looks a bit plasticy as other super cars.
        Don’t get me wrong I would love to see a sucessful Australian car but for $500,000 there is a lot of competition.

  • MAK


    Looks like an NSX from the front!

  • FalconUte?

    Errrrrrr, it wont be ANYTHING like as fast as the Veyron, for a start that has 1000HP and AWD while the Joss does not.

    LONG time coming saw it in 2006 at the MMS and it fell off the earth and now seems to be back, would not be easy to design, develop and manufacture a car.

    Still i think the fastest aussie car is the Redback Spyder by Carbontech, thats up and running and proven performer.

    Best of luck to ex F1 employee Mr.Thomas, “living the dream”

    What about a drive Mr.Thomas? :-)

    • Shak

      And the Veyron weighs about two tonnes, whereas this probably will not.

      • Karl

        Sorry shak, I accidently gave you a “thumbs down”
        Your right, this is probably much lighter.

  • Family Guy

    The answer to the title question is No!
    2.7-2.9 sec (360kmh) Joss is not fater than a 2.3-2.5 sec (407 kmh) Veyron.

    Still, an amazing car. Looks like it might be a little claustrophobic in there with 2 people!

  • Joober@work

    if the interior is as schmick as the Veyron, then this would be it.

    given the 550hwp, hows would this compare in the acceleration past 100km/h and beyond?

    Given last night TopGear dragged a veyron against a full carbon zonda, and the Veyron ripped it.

    • FalconUte?

      Yeap, in a straigh line, but in turn the Zonda [now old model] smashed the Veyron to pieces around the track, things a rocket.

      The Zonda is 1/2 the price too.

      Veyron = good drag car and straightline/top speed machine

      • Joober@work

        Yeah saw that, but in context to this article it was purely on the faster 0-100 talk, so its a bit confusing around the faster in a straight line vs faster around a track. No doubt this car is probably be faster around the track…

  • Mad Max

    This project has been around for so long it’s almost ready for a pensioner bus pass. I visited the factory something like 6 years ago. The same old story. We will be ready next year. Or the year after! Don’t know what engine we will use. Maybe Benz. Could be BMW.
    Nothing with this project seems to change except for the launch date.
    Question for you all in though. If you had $500 to $600k of YOUR money, what would you buy? A Porsche, Ferarri, Lambo or something like one of those that comes will good resale value, a warranty, a network of dealers and repair shops, or a very very expensive toy from an unknown manufacturer, with no history, no dealer network and probably no resale value. Come on guys get real. No wonder your car has not moved forward in the past 6 or so years!

    • Radbloke

      My thoughts exactly. This will be launched around the same time as Gran Turismo 5…

      • Shak

        The creators are trying to outdo themselves. Everytime a new car comes out they try and include it. Just bring the bloody game out. We dont need 7 million cars, we just want the freakin game!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joober@work

      Yep definately for a Niche market

      • Baddass

        Hate to say it, but this car will end up in the automotive graveyard not long after it’s release. This is because it has 3 main factors working against it. These are: brand recognition or lack thereof; to be honest pretty cheap-looking styling and trimming; very large price, because when someone spends half a mil on a car, it’s comforting to know the company will be still around to service your car in a years time. I’m sure if a modern version of Mike McArthy’s (a writer for Wheels) excellent book, ‘Great Australian Sports Cars’ was made, this car would fit right in. The book talks about the many Aussies with a dream to make a successful Sports car, most of which sadly fail after only a few made.

    • zero

      hahaha you’re my idol
      that’s exactly what i thought
      500-600k for that car?come on, even if i was Roman Abramovich i wouldn’t even spend my spare change on it

  • Steve-Poyza

    Its pretty ugly to look at. The Veyron is the only car that looks beautiful that can also go above 400km/h… Other cars in that region like the Ultimate Aero TT or whatever is just plain ugly…

    • nucnik

      Ever since the Bugatti set the benchmark, every small car company has wanted to beat it’s top speed or acceleration. The Ultimate Aero TT is a great example; they ignored the need to make it look good, and I’m guessing reliability and drivability were also not a priority. They just made something with which they can brag about.

      As far as the Joss Coupe is concerned, I don’t think they’re bothered that much about beating the Veyron, which is good, but I don’t like the generic supercar shape of it. It’s one part Saleen S7, one part Mosler MT900.

  • Paulie

    It won’t be faster than a Veyron in a drag race. But what’s this about a European engine? Their test vehicle uses a SOHC 6.8L V8 that they developed themselves. Who on Earth would build an engine from scratch for the sake of a test car? I bet they’ll produce this same engine for the production car, maybe with more power than what it currently has. (Their test car only weighs 940kg for your information).

  • Hugh Jorgan

    I am trying to think of supercars that operate above 300kph that don’t have rear spoilers. Must get a lot of downforce from the rear diffuser and underneath the car.

  • http://www.checkwebhosting.com Neutral

    The only successful supercar from a small manufacturer is the Koenigsegg CCXR. This thing is a proper supercar and it is quicker than a Veyron round a track. There is a new model coming soon and it looks absolutely sick.

  • Valet Dabess

    yeah if i had half a mill i would go buy somthing else. and there’s just something bout the veyron that you just have to respect, it doesn’t matter if your car goes faster then the veyron, it’s a effing bugatti

  • Al Juraj

    Yet another self-proclaimed Aussie with a migrant engine. It’s easy to produce power, but putting it on the road is a completely different thing. It’s also important that the car remains screwed together after the top-speed run. Veyron FTW!

  • toxic_horse

    Why such a dull name, Joss ?
    seriously who wants a car called a Joss.
    I would have called it somthing awesome like Angry Warlord.

    • Projet L

      Yeah I have always thought about that.
      Joss is a Bogan name.
      Perhaps they will offer tailor made thongs with your purchase.

      • Mad Max

        I always thought a Joss was incence stick that the Chinese burnt to hide the smell of their Opium pipes during the gold rush days here in Australia…


    looks like a ferrari f430/458 italia/pagani zonda….anything look familiar?

  • m0l0k0

    This car isnt for the guy who says Ive got half a mil, what should I go send it on. That guy will always buy the ferrari, porsche, maserati – established euro brands. This car is for the guy who has several million in the bank, already has those cars and is looking for a stablemate for his 30 or 40 others. Let’s not forget that.
    Having said that, the car is just plain boring. Its a car for the new rich, not old money. I would guess the 25-odd orders they claim to have are slowly getting bored too. My bet has it never making it to the road.