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by Matt Brogan

*Update* Toyota has pulled the pin on this ad after an online backlash

Last week we brought you Toyota’s new Country Border Security “Nothing Soft Gets In” campaign, and it seems the brand’s clever ads just keep coming (you’ll get the pun in a minute).


  • Singleton

    lol wonder how long it will be played before people start to complain

    • MJ

      Yeah, I cant believe this ad is legal. :-(

  • Mitch

    Awesome ad

  • Deco

    At best has another week on TV =/….

    • Baddass

      A week? Maybe a couple of hours after playing for its first time.

  • Who?

    Pointless ad…..what type of educated kid would want a Yaris?

  • Moonlight


    They ban the BMW Z4 art ad and allow crap like this?

    What’s wrong with ppl?

    • Martin

      I reckon!

  • Yanzo

    hahahah that was f in awesome! and my code word is chery!

  • Jake

    F stupid ad…had an accident in one of those p.o.s yaris and no single airbag have opened….and the car was a write off.

    • rca

      Pothole huh?

    • Tyson

      Lol, Airbags wont always go off if you have a crash, And you seem to be typeing and alive, so im gonna go ahead and assume that based on the type of accident you had, it wasnt enough to set them off, but still just enough to write the car off. You should be thnakfull that the cab design alone was enough to keep you safe 😉

      • toxic_horse

        wow. how would you rather have flash burns and a broken nose because the airbag deployed when it didn’t need to.

  • Jazrod

    Champion commercial! LMAO!

  • Damian

    This ad won’t last a week. Just in case anyone hasn’t noticed, we do live in a nanny state where political correctness rules supreme. I guess politicians have to justify their pathetic existences somehow…

  • Fong wrong

    Brilliant Ad, but once again we get one or two that just can’t enjoy the humour and have to bitch an moan about the Yaris, who cares about the car, the ad is a gem.

  • Neilo

    There is no way this is a real ad from Toyota. I smell FAKE!

  • Shak

    I cant believe those cardigan wearers banned the Z4 ad but this smut is allowed on air.

  • Neilo

    I just checked it more closely – it’s NOT an official ad from Toyota, instead it’s a public short film entry for the Toyota Yaris Clever Film Comp.

  • Car Fanatic

    still F, ing hilarious

  • Toyota Guru

    Haha… wowsers are bound to whinge. CA, wasn’t this a part of some competition to see who could come up with the best Yaris ad?

    Edit: Neilo beat me to it.

  • Johno

    Thats why my daughter has been told “ya not going out in that” should a Toyota driver rock up on my door step in another 7 years. Bloody yobo drivers they are.

  • Sean

    Awesome ad it’s well written,shot and is funny who cares about the car or if its on commercial tv well done cast and crew …………

  • Pip

    Ha! Great little short film. Brilliant.

  • Spud

    I’m sorry but there was something definitely creepy and not quite right about that ad. I don’t think it’s one to be applauding. And the double entendres weren’t even sophisticated or delivered well either.

  • shudder


  • KJ

    This ad is awful. The father’s intimations are creepy and the whole thing is coarse and demeaning.

    I love the Boarder Security ad, but this is just grimy.

  • http://www.melbroads.com Daniel

    Video has been pulled but you can find it here..