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by George Skentzos

Not only is the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 video game a great way to get behind the wheel of cars you could only otherwise dream about, manufacturers are quickly discovering that the life-like graphics are also a great way to showcase new models.

Toyota has done just that with its new FT-86 Concept, showing off the boxer-powered coupe in the digital world alongside its inspiration, the original AE86.

  • Steve

    doesn’t sound like a boxer engine!!

    • Flying High

      You got that right. There is no boxer note there at all

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Exhaust design/firing orders etc for example can do a lot to change an exhuast note! Don’t forget the Subaru Impreza WRC didn’t have much of a boxer engine note either, especially when compared to the Group N version.

  • SteveH

    Do you think there is any risk of them every releasing GT5? It was supposed to be out a couple of years ago and still nothing.

    • timmy201

      $10 says the car comes out before the game lol

      • Wheelnut

        Not if the Next Generation “Supra” Concept is anything to go by – 10 years and counting.

        Apparently Toyota don’t like building Concept cars – they see them as a waste of time money and resources…. yet they continue to “compete” in F1 [go figure]

        • Titan

          If you try hard enough you may be able to find an article where you haven’t mentioned the “Supra” concept.

          • SteveH

            Good luck with that Titan, but I don’t like your chances. As for ‘competing’ in F1, they got second on the weekend didn’t they? Also using your logic, anyone who isn’t winning, should just pull the pin, meaning you will have about three teams on the grid.

          • Wheelnut

            Maybe; but if you try even harder you may be able to find an article where the likes of Tomas79; Steve H & co; haven’t brought up Holden’s [supposed] inferiority – in terms of build quality and [supposed] reliability issues etc.

            It would be even harder to find an article where they haven’t resorted to personal insults/attacks – Particularly where Tomas79 is concerned!

          • Lukaas


            You really put in 110% to bag out Toyota and its fans.
            Its not healthy for you.

            I know you’re doing it to retaliate for the Holden hate… But its too much.

            Bottomline… and I’m gonna say this with a disclaimer, “very general” statement.

            Holden/GM cars are regarded to be high-horse power RWD, but mediocre built cars.
            Toyota cars are regarded (these days) as boring, lifeless, but reliably built cars.

            Thats the very general perception of the public… You can write 100 theses on why Holden is better built, but it wont change the majority the public’s image.

            Fact 1: you hate Toyota, you love Holden. Done.

            Using,Ferrari, Aston, Lambos as AMMO to put down Toyota further is ridiculous.
            Built wise? Performance wise?

            I tell you what, Having a high powered engine is easily achieved…. increase bore size, add cylinders etc. However preventing defects and reliability issues as the car ages…. thats difficult. And thats where Toyota spends 80% of their resources on (everyday cars), they build them boring but most of their engineering prowess (again for everyday cars) on making cost effective parts that doesnt compromise quality/reliability. Anyone engineer can design “exciting” “powerful” products… but in the end, as a business… the big wigs wishes always gets granted… maximise profit, minimise problems…. compromise “fancy” things.

            But as you can see, Toyota actually is “putting effort” back into “sports” cars again. Obviously they’ve realize that they do need “profit” from that market too.

          • SteveH

            Wheelnut, don’t try and put me in the same basket as some of the other Holden bashers on this site. If I do have a go at a Holden or Ford, I am basing it on personal experience or facts, so don’t try and make stuff up.

            Also, if you have found somewhere that I have insulted someone, please let me know and i will apologise, but I doubt that you will find it as I don’t do it.

            Finally don’t try and justify your incessant Toyota bagging with ‘they started it’, because we just keep seeing your continuous dribble on every single Toyota or Lexus thread. You were even banned for it a short time ago.

        • Tomas79

          How is GM/Holden going in F1?

          I spouse GM/Holden love building concept cars! Waste of time money and resources doesn’t come into consideration when your government funded, and don’t have to worry about paying creditors!

          • Wheelnut

            Unlike Toyota GM-H have stuck to racing categories where they know they are and have proven to be successful.
            That’s not to say that they haven’t developed/improved their product

            Unlike Toyota; GM-H don’t pretend that they or their products are in the same category as; or can/could compete with Ferraris or McLarens.
            Show me someone who has either a Ferrari Lamborghini BMW McLaren Aston- Martin etc in their garage…. and parked right next to it is a Yaris?

          • Tomas79

            Does GM-Holden even compete in any truly international events (serious question)?? And don’t just give me local events open for international visitors, or V8 supercar rounds in Bahrain?

            People who own true supercars such as the Ferrari, Lamborghini might not have a yaris parked in the garage. But they do tend to have landcruisers, and various lexuses… Especially when we talk about some of WA’s mining tycoons…

          • Tomas79

            By the way, once the Lexus LF-A will be released. It will easily be on par with Ferrari!!

          • Devil’s Advocate

            Have I got a story for you Wheelnut. This is in reference to Toyotas not being parked next to Astons, Ferraris etc in personal garages. Aston Martin are in the process of developing a small car so their customers in their DB9s etc can have a car for driving around town etc and not take out the ‘big’ car to save wear etc. Guess what. This small car is essentally a TOYOTA with Aston Martin designed panels!! So technically, there is a distinct possibility that soon there WILL be a Toyota parked next to an Aston Martin in the garage! WRT resorting to personal attacks in replies etc, hello pot, this is kettle calling… 😉 TVFPIC

    • SteveC

      They have planned to release it after the next “Duke Nukem” game.

  • skasev

    launch dates confirmed for Japan and USA, March 2010

  • Flying High

    Rumour has it that 2 litre subaru donk will be output 108kW. That is less than the Yamaha powered Celica released 10y ago which was 140kW. So that sound is even more fake that just not being a boxer engine.

    at any rate, I hope Toyota get it right. Such an underpowered good looking car would be typical of Toyota, but if they want to really find their mojo again, they will need to ensure the performance is up to its looks. However I am quite sure, sadly, this wont happen. This is designed to be a cheap car to attract buyers to the brand.

    It will need to go straight from the car yard to the Tuning Shop by the current stats available.

    • Titan

      108 kw from 2 litres is very, very average. Hopefully that figure is only a rumour, but as you say their track record in that respect is not very good.

      And with regards to cheap, I would love to know exactly how cheap. I get the feeling this will cost a bit more then your average Corolla.

      Still it will be really nice if they manage to pull it off.

    • Simon

      A 2L Subi boxer engine? :o) I’m sure there are lots of them on the shelf with low ks AND turbos!
      I don’t think its hard to imagine lots of after-market tinkerings.

  • Pauly

    108KW doesnt sound right, especially when the Current Generation Corolla with a 1.8L Engine is pumping out 100KW with 91 Octane.

    I think we should wait for the announcement in a couple of weeks from Toyota.

    I have a sneaky suspicion, Toyota will have a base spec engine in the sub 40K segment, then have a turbo variant of the same engine in ‘Hot Hatch’ Territory (40 – 45K). I wouldn’t be surprised if they give the option of a hybrid power-train either for around 50K.

    That could give Hondas new CRZ a run for its money with the whole ‘being 1st Hybrid Sports Car’, especially if they plan on releasing it in Japan and America Early Next Year (which is the same as Honda’s plans with the CR-Z).

    Dont forget Toyota has some plan that by 2015 or something all their cars will come with a Hybrid Power-Train Option… If this is a new car, I don’t see why Toyota would not give the option of it.

    What will also be interesting to see, is what Subaru have planned for their equivalent model. Don’t forget Subaru might be giving Toyota the engine, but this is a shared project, and Subaru will also be creating a new model in their lineup based of this car.

    • Flying High

      I hope you are right about the Turbo option. And it would be even better is Subaru offered an AWD Turbo option on this car. One can only hope

  • Shak

    Wheelnut how could Holden compete in International events, they’re not an International manufacturer. But if you want to get technical, then rebadged GM Holden products do compete in International events

  • Reality

    Maybe making the car underpowered is part of the plan. Think of all the credits that you had to spend in the GT game to make the second hand AE86 faster. Maybe Toyota and Subaru are hoping buyers will do the same thing. Could be one hell of a sales strategy.