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by George Skentzos

In a recent promotional video to showcase their creative process, Volkswagen accidently included a full-sized clay model of the next generation Golf VII in the background of one of the shots.

While the offending clip was quickly removed, naturally our friends at Scoopy have pounced on this opportunity by creating a very accurate depiction of the clay concept from that video.


The rendering is an obvious evolution from the current Golf VI, taking the square lines further to create a more rakish, aggressive and almost Scirocco-like appearance.

Automedia, Inh. Andreas Conradt e.K.

Being so early in its development it is more likely that this clay model represented a design proposal rather than the finished product, although VW’s haste to remove the offending scene suggest at least something has been spoiled.

  • Dude

    Its about time they made them look sleeker
    The last few generation have been looking quite bloated….how much bigger are hatches going to get!

  • Gilly

    Looks like a better detailed Hyundai i30 to me from the first pic compared to the ad next to it!!
    The rear has a bit of BMW 1 series hatch.

  • gee gee

    The back looks like an Audi A3.

    Love the day time LED/Driving lights!

  • Steve-Poyza

    Nice, but the new model was just released, so I don’t think we should takes this model too seriously. I’m sure over time it will have changed a lot.

  • Yanzo

    oh man… oh man… i ran out of downloads! i wanna see the pics! and i have intense music playing… :( i’m doesn’t look that cool but it doesn’t look sh!t either :)

  • Frenchie

    Looks like a mini Porshe Cayanne at the front, but without the stupid lower grill.

  • AAA

    Don’t you people ever get tired of saying which part of this car looks like which part of that other car? You are not 3 year-olds playing “spot-the-difference” games.

    • Driver

      Thankyou!! I thought I was the only one who thought that

  • Shak

    Of course other parts of cars are going to look like each other. If the other car is successful then the large volume manufacturers are obvioulsy going to adapt(copy) their designs to suit their markets.

  • JML

    Meet the new Golf, same as the old Golf. I can see the ad…

    “Volkswagon. Sometimes the only one you have to copy…is yourself.”

    • Golfschwein

      What do you know? Spell Volkswagen correctly.

      • Carfanatic

        ROTFLMAO, exactly what I thought, he probably mispronounces it too.

  • chery

    was it “accidentally” leak? sounds like isnack2.0…

    anyway, it looks good….

  • Golf Mark VII

    I am a beautiful car and you vill agree with me because ve have vays of making you love us.

  • sparks03

    Looks like a down-market Astra or worse Mazda 3. Big fail