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The facelifted 2014 Lexus CT200h has been spied free of camouflage, completely uncovering the exterior styling of the updated hybrid hatchback.

Following revealing shots captured last month, the latest images from CarAdvice’s spy photographers show the same white Lexus CT200h F Sport variant testing on public roads in the US with all its identifiers uncovered.

Headlined by a new front end that brings the premium compact hybrid into line with the Japanese manufacturer’s ‘L-Finesse’ design language, the facelift is clearly distinguished by a new spindle grille.

Lexus CT200h F Sport Spied - 3

At the rear, tinted tail-lights join a restyled rear bumper and rear diffuser. New-look wheels and a new shark fin-style roof-mounted antenna complete the exterior tweaks.

Touted by Lexus Australia CEO Sean Hanley as a “big opportunity for the brand”, the updated CT200h can’t come soon enough for the local division with the likes of the $35,600 Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Audi A3, $34,990 Volvo V40 and $35,600 BMW 1 Series now undercutting its $39,990 starting price.

The 2014 facelift is tipped to be unveiled at either this month’s LA or January’s Detroit auto show before landing in Australia in the first half of 2014. The current Lexus CT200h debuted in Australia in 2011.

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Lexus CT200h F Sport Spied - 6

  • Guest

    Ugggghhhh…….please put the camo back on it……

  • crouchy35

    Spindle grille really suits it I think. The rear is still very uninspiring….. A Class for me.

  • Daniel

    Looks better, but it’s that rear pillar that ruins it for me still. I don’t think it looks bad as such, but it ruins the proportions from the front 3/4 view.

    • zahmad

      Exactly my thoughts….should have gone with longer windows on rear doors and maybe have glass continuation rather than that fat ugly pillar!

  • Guest

    Sport + Hybrid? I would rather stay away from it.

  • BSMonitor

    Once it gets the 2.0 turbo it will be a more popular choice

  • Norm

    There are times when Toyota can get themselves in a unprecedented tangle of plain.

  • henry

    2014 mazda 3 vs 2014 lexus ct200. Mazda wins any day. And is 10k cheaper

  • PistonBroke

    Better looking the ugliest car on the market which it competes, the BMW 1 series, but that really isn’t much of a compliment now is it. Desperately needs more engine options. Lexus need to learn a lesson that one hybrid engine isn’t enough.

  • Dave W

    Well, for sure Lexus is not aiming this car at the enthusiasts. As Henry said, the Mazda 3 looks better, more elegant for me than this ct200h. Heck, this car’s styling is still unacceptable even if it has a Corolla badge on it.

    Looks like it’s just a refreshed model too, with slight styling tweak at the front and back.

    The latest Merc A class is still the top luxury hatch for me. BMW 1 series is a bit ugly but at least it’s RWD. The A1 is a bit boring but at least it’s not as underpowered as this hybrid hatch.

  • Vins

    It’s a nice car but the asking price is way too much. If Lexus could make ES300h cheaper than standard ES300, they should make this one cheaper as well.

  • LowRezFez

    Now with a horrible nose and a hopeless C pillar treatment. Well done Toyota… you have shown yourself to be inept at design, you either do conservative Japanese with Nippon Baroque flourishes or faddish design, nothing in between. The Europeans may make less reliable cars, but they look a damn sight better.

    • racrepus

      No emotional connection from the designer. It’s just a committee designed car where too many people were allowed to stick their fingers in the pie.

      • Golfschwein

        I can even imagine the newbie on the team jumping up and down, pleading, “Can I do the C-pillar, pleeeeeeeeeease?”

  • zahmad

    Yup exactly, also ala last gen Subaru Liberty…