The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate has been spotted testing on public roads outside the car maker’s research and development centre in Germany.

The images, snapped by CarAdvice’s spy photographers, give us our first look at the wagon body style of the fourth-generation C-Class as well as the clearest look so far at the front-end styling of the forthcoming BMW 3 Series rival.


Like the new C-Class sedan that was spied late last month, the new Estate takes styling cues from the recently released S-Class flagship.

A prominent grille with large three-point star badge dominates the fresh face. Rounded-off headlights wrap around the front corners, while the clean bumper furthers it elegant appearance.


Plastic cladding along the prototype’s profile hides two distinctive character lines (shared with the C-Class and S-Class sedans) that run between the wheel arches at the upper and lower edges of the door frames.

At the rear, the tail-lights are now wider and positioned horizontally, and like the larger E-Class Estate span the rear-quarter panels and tailgate.


The luxury mid-sized C-Class sedan will grow to create more rear legroom and distance it from the CLA sedan, and the wagon body style is likely to follow suit in offering more interior space.

The C-Class Estate is expected be revealed roughly six months after the sedan, potentially at September’s Paris motor show, before launching late in 2014.

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  • Sebastian Style Messiah

    I hope Mercedes have fixed their reliability issues with this generation. The fact that a Camry kills this car for reliability and running costs should be a source of embarrassment for MB.

    • Josh K

      I have owned a w204 since 2008. Apart sub luxurious interior (which MB heads addressed in the major facelift) I have had no problems with the c class

    • Norm

      Doesn’t the Camry beat most cars for reliability and running costs? With the cladding this looks like a Volvo.

    • Mike

      Totally agree. Had the current C250 coupe which I sold in less than 12 months after problems starting to appear. Nothing major but still, wasn’t confident enough to keep it.

    • Brett

      Our family wagon is an MY 2011 C220T CDI; and it has been absolutely flawless. for 65K klms so far. Brilliant car; in marked contrast to the R36 that it replaced, which was a nightmare.

    • Name

      My 2006 C-Class is going strong with no problems whatsoever over that time. It gets serviced once a year and the cost is no more than most other cars dealer servicing. The interior still looks like new. So I don’t know where you’re getting your “reliability issues” from.

    • jambo

      What particular reliability issues has the C class had?

      Camrys for instance have particularly weak cooling systems, head gaskets go at will after a few years.ECUs also a issue on several of the 90s models.

      Very poor fuel consumption on nearly all the four cylinder Camrys too, was funny when the Camry had the same economy as a Aurion but with almost half the power.

    • Homer

      What issues? My C350CDi has 78,000km’s and not a single problem. I also own a current 328i BMW which has no problems either and in general is a better car to drive BUT the Merc is in a different league for quality.

    • Igomi Watabi

      I suspect that Toyota are just a little better at keeping reliability issues under wraps.

  • D987

    The size of the current C-Class is great, it’s a shame that this next generation is going to be so much larger.

  • Igomi Watabi

    I’m not a big fan of the line of the third side window in the current M-B style. It makes the D-pillar look really clunky. I presume it’s an attempt at a trick of the eyes to make the rear look sleeker. Don’t like it. It is obvious under the cladding on the side of this, that the theme will continue in the new model. Otherwise, though, I am a big fan of M-B wagons. Love ’em.